FreeOCR Review

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FreeOCR can convert different files to text. Select as input an image that contains text, a PDF file or use sources directly from scanner to extract text from those files and save in an editable document (Word). Is a free application for home and commercial use, it works fast and with accurate results.

1. Interface

Includes two windows where users can preview source and the result. Open your image that you want to convert into text, click on “OCR” icon and will display in seconds the text in the right window. For text i have used a JPG image and a PDF file.

2. Conversion

Text will be extracted and can be copied or exported directly to a Word (.doc) file.

3. Scan

Includes an interface to scan directly from the interface and view scanned files in FreeOCR’s interface before converting to text. You need a scanner for this.

4. Save text, copy to clipboard, remove line breaks

Shortcuts will allow to save text as TXT file, copy to clipboard and then paste in your favorite text editor or remove all breaks.

5. Extracting text from PDF with text-based images

Simply open your PDF file and this application will work to extract text within images that are in PDF and other text.

6. Change reading order

In some languages, the reading order is from right to left. This program has an option, at right click, to change that order.

7. The result

Words and letters are extracted correctly and it keeps breaks and spaces like in original document.

  • Download
  • Visit website
  • Pros: change text order from “left ->right” to “right<-left”
  • Cons: it offers to install additional programs, such as registry cleaners (choose Decline when installing)
  • OS: Windows 8, Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows XP, Vista
  • License: Freeware