2 Best Free Microsoft Word Password Recovery

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Word files can be protected with a password. You cannot view the content if you don’t know the password. If you forget that password for you document, a good solution to recover it is to use a program designed for this task. These programs are intended to be used only for your personal files. I suggest you to use services like LastPass.com to remember or store your passwords. Here is a list with best free programs for Microsoft Word password recovery that you may use it.

Here is a list with 2 best free microsoft word password recovery.

Free Word Excel Password Recovery Wizard


It has a clean and pretty modern interface, from step to step you need to add source file and choose the type of decryption method: brute force or dictionary based. The program is also presented on Cnet.com You can set a range for password length and choose different alphabet types from a list. Is recommended to start with shorter ones, in order to get results quickly.

CrackIt Password Recovery


Small program, you don’t need to install it because is portable. Run executable file, choose the Word file, then choose a type of alphabet and that is all. Is pretty fast in discovering original password. Is working only with DOC and XLS documents.