Wise Registry Cleaner Review

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This program has a modern look, there are many options and customizations. It has some promotional links and banners on its interface, but is a free software. Is running pretty fast, allows to backup files before modify them, set a schedule for automatic cleans, allows to exclude files based on name.

1. Allows to make backup before cleaning

This is an important option that allows to create a system restore point (full backup for Windows C: ) or a backup for registry files. Use the last option to run operation faster, System Restore will take longer (but this program can be used as interface for creating Windows Restore Points if you want).

2. Modern interface

Is a pleasure to use a great software, but also is important to have a pleasant interface. Wise Registry Cleaner is nicely designed, anyway it seems that are too many options until you get used with it.

3. Resonable scan speed and real time report

It displays in real time while scanning, the number of problems found and a progress bar.

4. Expand to see all files

After scan is finished you can dig and view all files that will be cleaned. You can check or uncheck any item from list.

5. Run automatically

Set a scheduler to clean registry files automatically: daily, weekly, monthly, on system Idle.