4dots PDF Password Remover Review

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This program can be used to get rid of passwords on a PDF document. Basically, this software allows you to remove password that is protecting a PDF file and you can open it in the future freely, without entering any password.

You need to know the actual password. After you enter the password, the program will remove it and will not be requested next time when you open that file.

1. It works with right click

At the installation, if you check the option Integrate into Windows Explorer, you will be able to run the program when you right click on a PDF file.

2. Simple interface

The main interface is intuitive and is easy to use by beginners. Add a file from local hard drive and click Remove Passwords button. Then you will be prompted to enter your password for that file and if it is correct, then will remove it.

3. Multiple files at once

Supports to add many files from desktop or import a large TXT or CSV list. Is capable to remove passwords for a huge list of files, not only individual ones.

4. Interface in many languages

Feel free to choose language of program’s interface into your own language.

5. Is fast

After you click the magic button and enter the password, in a few milliseconds will finish the task.

6. Organized work with files

The new PDF file, now without a password on it, will be saved to desired location with word unprotected added to it.

You are now able to open that PDF and will not require any password.