3 Best Free PDF Password Remover

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A PDF file can be protected with 2 passwords: owner password that allows to view the document, but cannot make actions such as copy, edit, print, change author name etc. and user password that prevents users from viewing the document if they don’t know the user password.

Setting a password for a PDF file may be useful to ensure a higher level of privacy when you are sending files online, through instant messengers, email or different external devices such as USB sticks. But once you have the file on your computer, maybe you don’t want to be password protected anymore because it may be possible that you will forget the password and you will not be able to open or modify it. These tools are easy to use to remove PDF password for a file without additional how to or detailed tasks. Just select the file(s), enter password and click remove.

A password can be generated in many ways, using different encryption algorithms. In order to remove password from PDF you need to know the actual password, enter it, and these software tools will restore all editing right and next time when you open PDFs you will not be prompted to enter the password anymore. Here is a list with best free PDF password removers that will make your files accessible in seconds.

Here is a list with 3 best free pdf password remover.

Instant PDF Password Remover


This program has a simple interface, is really easy to use and is making a great job removing not only the user password, but the owner’s too. You will be able to edit, modify and make any type of operations with your file because this program removes all restrictions for future uses.

4dots PDF Password Remover


It can be used with right click on PDF file, but also has a good interface, you can process many files in the same time and interface is available in many languages.

PDF Restrictions Remover


With a modern and really simple menu, this program allows to process multiple files at once, you can enter actual password on the same interface where source files are shown and it opens instantly the folder where files with protections removed are saved.