Instant PDF Password Remover Review

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This program can be used to remove password protection from a PDF file. It is able to remove owner and user passwords and you will be able to edit document and view it freely. It supports all major encryption algorithms, including RC4 and AES.

It will remove password, but also any other restrictions regarding commenting, printing, copying etc.

You need to know the password for PDF file in order to be able to remove it with this program. The password will not be required anymore next time when you open that file.

1. Includes documentation

At the finish of installation, the program can open a web page where you can see detailed tutorials about how to use it. Anyway, this tool is good and very simple to use by anyone, but if you need additional information about how to use it, the developer has a good manual.

2. Easy to use

It has a simple interface and only essential buttons and menus are present. It supports drag and drop, but also can browse for source PDF on local hard drive.

3. Fast unlocker

After you enter the password of your document, this software will remove password(s) very fast.

4. Good file organization

The unprotected PDF will be saved with the word free added to file name. The original file will remain untouched.