Auslogics Disk Defrag Review

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Auslogics Disk Defrag Freeware offers a modern interface, includes more features than standard Windows Built In Defragmenter such as faster defragmentation engine, single folder or file defrag, advanced scheduling options and reports.

1. Interface

The interface is highly intuitive and can access tasks without consuming too much time.


2. Analyze

Perform a quick scan of desired drives to see how many files are fragmented (it shows the percent and suggestive colors for each type of file).


3. Defrag

View overall progress in real time and the elapsed time. Can pause and resume or stop task anytime. At mouse hover on colored blocks it displays data such as status (fragmented or not fragmented), number of files in that block. Can automatically turn off computer at the end.


4. Defrag only some files or folders

This advanced feature allows to select certainly folders or files from hard drive and perform actions only on them.


5. Automatic defrags

Schedule an automatic program to run defragmentation on selected drives. One interesting feature is to set it to run when PC is idle for a number of minutes.


6. Exclude files

From “Options” can exclude certain files by file size or hard disk location.