Windows Built In Disk Defragmenter Review

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Windows computers includes a defrag utility, so you do not need to install anything extra. It allows to analyze and defragment the hard drives in order to speed up the computer (if files are fragmented, the hard disk makes extra work). Fragmented files cannot be avoided and time to time is recommended to make a defragmentation.

This is a built in tool included in Windows OS and has only the basic functions Other similar software from the market may offer some additional functionalities such as select or filter only specific files, folders or extensions and perform defrag only on these files, instead all hard drive or entire partition.

1. How to Find it and Open

Press “Start” button and search for “defragment” and then click on application’s shortcut (can be moved with drag&drop to desktop for easier access).


2. Interface

The interface is pretty straight forward, with all operations included in it. Choose to defragment directly or analyze hard drive first. Also, can set a schedule to run automatically.


3. Analyze

It displays the progress of task and can be canceled in any moment. You can go directly to “Defragment disk” to perform the main task.


4. Schedule

Set a schedule and forget about defragmentation. This option will enable automatically defrag at desired intervals; daily, weekly or monthly, in desired days and at exact hour and minute.


  • Pros: Is already included on Windows.
  • Cons: Cannot defragment only the selected folders or files, cannot automatically shut down computer when is finishing.
  • OS: Windows 8, Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows XP, Vista
  • License: Freeware