avast! Free Antivirus Review

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With a modern design and a clean interface, many options easy to customize, no annoying pop-ups or notifications and a good detection ratio, this software can be a strong candidate for your favorite antivirus solution.

Personally, i am using it at home because is silent, i can customize it if i need, i do not see pop-ups which previously made me nervous while using Avira Free Antivirus.

1. Simple to install

Designers made a great job for avast!. The program also has a great usability, installation is simple, even they offer some advertisement, you can easily uncheck them.

2. Interface in many languages

Use avast! with interface in your language. Clearly choose what to install or not.

3. Provides tips

After first installation, that is fast and intuitive, you can view some tips from developer on avast’s interface.

4. Scan with one click

With a single click you can run a scan and discover all possible problems on your PC. Stop, pause or restart scan anytime.

5. Active protection

Will protect you in real time and will block viruses for all critical areas: computer files, emails received and websites that you are visiting. Each shield can be turned off/on.

6. Exclude files from scan

You can exclude files, folders or extensions from being scanned. This will make avast to run faster, hence your computer will load faster.

7. Easy to update

Update it with a single click and be sure you have all solutions for latest viruses.

8. See it at work

I have extracted a list with viruses from a RAR file and avast has blocked them very fast and i see an instant notification. Unfortunately, one item was not identified as virus (for the records and for advanced users, file from VirusTotal with SHA256: 37825f4c0352546a8aed819efea28a53b9f8d7310ff11283ea19bb367a9b3d5f).

9. Modern reporting area

View a situation of current and past activity of avast.

10. Advanced options

Customize behavior and all types of settings, including options for all notifications. I was bored by notifications from other antivirus programs and avast! allow to tweak settings for types of notifications.

  • Download: http://www.filesriver.com/app/120/avast
  • Visit website: http://www.avast.com
  • Pros: outstanding design easy to use real time scan customizable
  • Cons: after 30 days of free use, requires email registration to keep use it free not the best detection ratio
  • OS: Windows 8, Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows XP, Vista
  • License: Freeware