Bitdefender Free Antivirus Review

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This tool doesn’t offer too many options and settings, may be good for people that doesn’t like to tweak any option.

Interface is clean and there are just a few controls to turn on or off shields or to view logs.

With real time shield on, when i tried to extract viruses from an archive, Bitdefender worked very slow and alerted me just for 2 viruses. After that, i scanned entire folder through right click menu and the program has detected more viruses, i can conclude that the program is working too slow.

1. Clean and minimalistic interface

This software has a minimalist approach of design and interface. It does not offer too many options, just install it and scan for viruses. From this point of view, is great for unexperienced users who do not know to deal with advanced options or settings.

2. Real time protection

Bitdefender offers a real time shield to protect your system when saving or opening files. This can be turned off/on from main console.

3. Logs and reports

In a separate windows you can view all events and quarantined items that were marked suspicious or identified as viruses. You can delete or restore those items or open containing folder.

4. Bitdefender at work

I extracted viruses from an archive and the program didn’t alerted me instantly. After a few seconds has detected only one virus, then another one. This is a big minus.