Avira Free Antivirus Review

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Few years ago i was a fan of Avira, this software really had and has a good detection ratio (will report any suspicious file), but i was bored by pop-ups and notifications that couldn’t be disabled from options and i switched to avast! Free Antivirus. Now, i see that their design team was is holiday, since graphics isn’t changed too much, a modern and updated look will be good for this tool with a large number of users.

The programs offers many useful features such as password protection, updates can be made automatically and includes a firewall.

1. Some unuseful status window

When i open a program i like to go directly to main interface, this program shows a small window with current status regarding security of computer.

2. Clean interface

The main interface is well organized, although it looks there are too many items in menu. But is useful, because you can go with a single click to desired section and extra menu will not be a problem after you will get used with it.

3. Firewall included

This product includes a free firewall that is not included in most of free antivirus programs. Windows already includes a free default firewall that is making a pretty good job, but is nice to manage all security issues from a single place.

4. Real time protection

Computer will be protected in a pro active mode, all files that you are opening or save will be scanned to find any trace of malware.

5. Automatic update

Set desired interval to make all updates automatically. You will never forget to make manual updates and you will be protected against newest viruses.

6. Password protection

Avira Free Antivirus has many classic, but useful options that looks to be forgotten by other similar software. Settings a password for access to your antivirus configuration is useful, because some viruses may stop real time scan or change other options that can lead to damages.

7. Block autorun of USB, CD/DVD

It has an option to block autorun of USB or other devices that usually start automatically when are connected to a computer and often some viruses are installed through autorun function. First is good to scan device with antivirus, then use the content.

8. Scheduled scan

Another option that may be useful is the possibility to scan computer automatically based on a schedule. You can set it to run when you are away from computer.

9. Simple but useful reporting area

View a list with all events labeled by type and sortable by type, date, name.

10. Avira at work

This program has detected and alerted that suspicious file(s) were detected. Has detected all 12 viruses used by me for testing. After a full scan has deleted them all. Very good job!

11. View details about each problem

You can read more about each issue or malware quarantined with a right click.

12. Real time status of scan

View in a separate window (Luke Filewalker) the status of active scan that you are making on your computer.

  • Download: http://www.filesriver.com/app/131/avira-antivirus
  • Visit website: http://www.avira.com
  • Pros: firewall included scheduled scan password protection automatic updates useful advanced options
  • Cons: classic design remove 2 items to uninstall it from Control Panel
  • OS: Windows 8, Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows XP, Vista
  • License: Freeware