AVG Free AntiVirus Review

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This software comes with a modern design and an easy to use interface. Main interface isn’t covered with all kind of options, although they can be easily accessed in Advanced options menu. Will protect your PC with a real time shield, also you can scan desired areas of hard drive, removable devices or whole computer with a few clicks; includes right click context menu to scan immediately selected file or folder.

Is easy to update with latest definitions, you can set schedule for scan and for updates and the tool will make all tasks automatically. Includes a gaming mode to not to be interrupted while playing games, also is able to scan email attachments.

In my tests, i expected to detect faster viruses that i extracted from an archive. It shows details about each threat found.

1. Additional modules included

Besides core task to scan computer files, AVG Free Antivirus has modules for email protection to scan automatically all emails that you receive and identify threats from attachments.

2. Friendly interface and modern design

I like that AVG constantly update the design and with each major version they improve the general look, maintaining a compact interface.

3. Easy to update

With a single click you can update the program with latest files that prevent all new viruses and spyware.

4. Real time shield

AVG will protect you in real time (you can turn it on/off anytime) and will scan all files that you are downloading or opening.

5. Advanced options

Provides advanced settings, well organized and easy to navigate through it.

6. Game mode

AVG will not bother you with notifications while you are playing games in full screen. At other programs, game mode is available only in paid (pro) version.

7. Advanced email scanner

Many viruses are coming through email attachments, often these spam emails have tricky titles and may look legitimate, but they have viruses hidden in attached files.

8. Scheduled scan and updates

AVG allows to create scheduled tasks to scan computer automatically. Also, you can set it to update the virus definitions and the program itself automatically, at desired intervals, automatically.

9. Easy to use

The program offers many options, although is very easy to use by anyone because navigation through interface and access to main functions are smart organized. You will not be overwhelmed by advanced options in main interface.

10. See it at work

AVG Free Antivirus has detected viruses extracted by me from an archive and i saw an alert almost instantly (other programs were faster). From 12 viruses, AVG didn’t detected one virus (for the records and advanced users, the file scanned by VirusTotal with SHA256: 913af0c5572baae9611dfa9ee18fa6dbf177387b40c8f371944e16ed2e5d9329).

11. Details about each problem

View details about each virus found. Also, allows to copy details and you can search more information on internet.

12. Reports about what is removing

It will take some time to fix viruses found and at the end you will see a report with status of each item.