Panda Cloud Antivirus (Free) Review

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This solution doesn’t stand out from the entire list of antivirus programs. It has a small and quite unintuitive interface, but has advanced options. Real time shield does not make a great job, but manual scan is good.

1. Interface

Main interface looks pretty clean, but is hard to understand fast where to click to access different options that a regular antivirus should have.

2. Real time antivirus

You can turn on or off real time protection.

3. Scheduled scan

Set an automatic scan at desired intervals, exclude certain folders or files

4. Useful advanced options

Even isn’t obvious where to access Options menu, once you go there you can use some useful features. Clean quarantine automatically, save logs and reports, exclude files or folders.

5. Custom scan

Select between different types of scan. You can scan entire computer with a single click or select only specific folders or files.

6. Panda test

When i extracted viruses from archive, the program has detected only 3 items from 12. I expect from an antivirus to detect and move to quarantine automatically all viruses, this software has identified and moved to quarantine only 3 viruses.

Only after i scanned entire folder with right click, Panda has detected and removed all viruses, so real time shield isn’t good enough.

7. Manual scan works great

After Panda has detected only 3 items while i extracted viruses from an archive, i have scanned manually with right click on that folder and the program has identified and removed all remaining threats.