4 Best Free Password Managers

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All online accounts are protected by an username and a password. Is recommended to use different passwords for different services such as email, Facebook, bank account etc. because if a site’s database is hacked and passwords are stolen or simply your password is stolen, a hacker may have access to all your accounts. This is the main reason that you should use different passwords for each account.

Another aspect is to use a strong password, with letters, numbers and other characters because it will be hard to be discovered with an automated software that can check all possible combinations, generated based on math formulas. For a strong password it will take years to discover it, so you will be safe.

Furthermore, considering aspects presented above, it is also important to change your passwords regularly, at least one time per year.

Having different passwords for each account means that you cannot remember them all and you need to store it in a file (e.g. Excel) or, better, in a specialized application named password manager. A program like these will make possible to manage your passwords easily, protect the entire file with a single master password to prevent unauthorized access and use them to login to your favorite services with a few clicks.I have tested and i have compiled a top with best free password managers that will improve your safety while using computer and internet.

Here is a list with 4 best free password managers.



A popular application that not only stores password and credentials, but also increase your productivity by auto-filling login details when detects a website that has a profile saved on your LastPass account. You can import passwords from another program, if you have used a password manager before. Includes a password generator, is constantly updated and has a modern interface and concept.



A popular program that is easy to use by anyone, remember just one password that will grant access to all passwords from its database. Allows to import data from other files, including CSV, it has a password generator and you can easily copy and paste credentials to use it at login page of different services, no matter what kind of sites or technologies.

Password Safe


This tool includes a virtual keyboard to ensure a high level of security for your main master password, it has a password generator, intuitive and easy to access options to edit or use usernames or passwords stored.



The master password that will protect access to entire program isn’t saved on your computer and you can be sure that isn’t stolen from program configuration files. The interface is pretty old, but the program can be used for basic management of passwords and other credentials.