LastPass Review

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LastPass is an online password manager that is able to store your passwords and autofill them when you are on a website that you have saved into its interface. You need to register an account (is an online service) and remember only that login details. After you access your account, you are free to use any password stored without remembering it.

This is the main advantage of a service like these, you will use different and strong passwords for your different accounts and you don’t need to remember them. Instead using one common password for all your accounts (email, bank etc.) is more secure to use a password manager and remember just one password.

This application also has an installer that will allow to install browser extensions that will remember and offer the autofill for websites. Includes a password generator, you can disable autofill for certain sites. Is free to use for its all functions, also offers some advanced features for a paid upgrade.

It is safe? Yes, because the passwords are encrypted on your hard disk and you can restrict the access to your Lastpass account (Vault) based on IP address, country and 2-factor authentication.

1. Is an online platform

This program is working online, you manage all your password from an online account, after you install LastPass software and browser plugins on your computer. An advantage is that you can access it and use it from any device that has an internet connection.

2. View password strength

When you add new records, you will see password strength for each password that you are using. If you have a weak password, is recommended to change it into a stronger one (more and different types of characters, small and big letters, special characters or symbols).

3. Auto detect and auto fill

If you install browser plugin of LastPass, when you will enter on a website that is saved on your LastPass account, this program will prompt you and offers to fill automatically your login details; this may be useful to save time avoiding use of copy and paste.

4. Different options for each account

You can customize each record and you can disable autofill option for any account.

5. Use master password

You LastPass account can be accessed only with your master password. If you don’t know the password, you cannot access data.

6. Includes a password generator

Because using this program suppose that you will be using different passwords for each account, it includes a password generator and you can tweak settings like password length, types of characters that will be used, minimum number of digits and more.

7. Import passwords

If you are new to LastPass, you can use the Import feature to get all your passwords that you have used/stored in a different program, with a few clicks

8. Tutorials available

If you are new into this field, the program offers many tutorials about how to use it.

  • Download:
  • Visit website:
  • Pros: autofill feature advanced options to increase security
  • Cons: isn’t very difficult, but can be made to be easier or more intuitive to use
  • OS: Windows 8, Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows XP, Vista
  • License: Freeware