KeePass Review

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KeePass is a program that will enable you to organize and store all your passwords in a database. The access to the program can be restricted with a password (called master password, because protects other passwords) and/or with a key file (a file with a code stored in your computer).

You will need to remember only the master password and after you enter it, you will be able to seee and use/edit/add all your passwords for your accounts. Furthermore, using a private key ensures a higher level of protection, because you can store this key file on an external USB, for example, and if someone has access to your PC, even is trying to discover the master password, will not have the key file and you will be safe.

1. Easy to use

Program has a simple and intuitive interface. Is available also as a portable software that will be started and used without any prior installation. You can keep and use the portable version from an external USB, for example.

2. Master password and key file

Is mandatory to use a master password and you need to remember it, in order to protect all content that is stored in KeePass. Optionally, you can use a key file (a file with an encrypted content) as an added layer to security while accessing your database with passwords (KeePass).

3. Organize passwords in categories

Is good to stay organized and identify quickly where is your password for a specific account. This program allows to create unlimited categories and subcategories.

4. Adding new password is not very intuitive

After you set a master password and organize categories for your passwords, you need to add passwords for your accounts. Is not very intuitive how to do that, but is easy. Right click on the workspace and you will be able to add a new record.

5. Add notes for each account

When you add a new password to KsePass’s database, you can view password in plain text or with asterisk. You can add username, URL and extra notes for each new record.

6. View strength of your password

You can view how strong is your password.

7. Password generator

As a respectable password manager, the program also includes a password generator. When you add a new record, you can also generate a new password after you click on a small icon that open this options.

8. Sort or find passwords

If you have many passwords, you can easily sort them clicking on heads of columns.A find feature is also present.

9. Easy use of your passwords

With right click you can copy instantly your username or password and paste it where you need.

10. Import or export passwords

You can import an existing file with passwords or export all your passwords to a file on your computer. Is useful to keep a backup for all your password.