2 Best Free PDF Editors

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Since you are on this page, probably you noticed that all popular free PDF viewers aren’t able to edit the content of the file, like we are used with Word documents.

There are some free programs that allows to perform different editing operations and i spotted here on this page. These tools are able to rotate, combine multiple PDF files into a single one, extract and delete pages, rearrange pages, split a PDF with many pages in multiple PDF files or set password to protect editing or opening. Read my reviews for each program to find out detailed features in below list with best PDF editors able to make only specific actions.

But these PDF editors cannot manipulate text, doesn’t allow modifications and insertions at text line or character level. So, what is the best software to edit PDF files or what is the best way to edit them?

The answer is there is a very simple way. Convert your PDF file to Word format (.doc) with a free PDF to Word converter program. Then, make desired modifications (change text, colors, add pictures, links etc.) on your Word file. Then convert again your DOC file to PDF with a free PDF generator (also called creator or virtual printer).

Isn’t more simple to edit in Word or another text editor? And there are just 2 simple steps involved: convert PDF to Word (DOC) and then convert Word (DOC) back to PDF.

Here is a list with 2 best free pdf editors.



This is a great program to modify an existing PDF at page level: add multiple PDFs, select desired pages and with these create/save a new PDF file. It has advanced options for splitting a PDF.

PDF Rider


This software is good at deleting, extracting pages from a PDF document, insert another PDF in an existing one at desired page number and set password to protect your file against opening, printing or other actions.