PDFsam Review

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This software allows you to combine different PDFs into a single one, rotate entire document or pages, mix pages between 2 PDF files and split a large PDF file in pages with advanced criteria.

One great feature that i like the most is visual document composer that allows to add one or more PDF files, then select desired pages to create a new PDF document. It allows to rotate pages.

Is not a fully equipped PDF editor since doesn’t allow text editing or insertions, but for mentioned features is pretty good.

1. Pleasant installation

Usually, the setup is the same at the majority of programs, But this one have a modern and nice looking one. Even the interface itself is not at the same level 🙂

2. Organized interface

It is very clear what you can do with PDFsam. Choose desired task, add files and start editing action.

3. Mix pages

Add maximum 2 PDF files and switch pages from one document to another. I do not find any use of this feature, but you never know.

4. View PDF properties

With right click you can view properties of selected PDF file such as if is encrypted with password, number of pages, PDF version and more.

5. Merge different PDF files and make a single one

Add all desired PDF files in interface and arrange them moving each file up or down.

6. Merge is working great

As you can see, new PDF file have 6 pages. It has merged all documents preserving colors, fonts, images etc.

7. Rotate PDF

Is able to rotate PDF document to 90, 180 or 270 degrees. You can perform successive rotations to get desired angle. It has option to rotate even or odd pages (alternative, 1 yes and 1 no, starting with first or with second).

8. PDF rotate works great

I rotated all pages with 90 degrees and the program works pretty fast. The rotate option can be useful when you have a PDF with wrong orientation.

9. Split PDF with many pages

Split option provides all features you need. You can customize options to split a document with many pages based on file size, split after a number of pages, split at each number of pages and more.

10. Compose a new PDF from another ones

You can add multiple PDF documents with many pages (will be displayed in tabs) and then you can select desired pages and move them down, in another windows, in order to create a new PDF file.

Before creating new file, you can rotate pages, move them up or down to set a new order and zoom in/out to view content.

This is a great feature.

11. Reorder pages and rotate, inside a document

Visual reorder is another great feature of this PDF editor that allows you to rearrange pages with drag and drop and rotate pages, before saving document as a new PDF file.

  • Download: http://www.filesriver.com/app/266/pdfsam
  • Visit website: http://www.pdfsam.org/
  • Pros: combine and split advanced split criteria create new custom PDF from existing ones (at page level)
  • Cons: not text editing or insert unintuitive extract option offers to install paid software, but you can skip
  • OS: Windows 8, Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows XP, Vista
  • License: Freeware