2 Best Free PDF to Word Converters

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Portable document files (PDF) were created by Adobe and have a large popularity because can store different type of data (text, pictures, links, tables etc.) in a small file size.

The biggest problem is that is hard to edit or make modifications to these documents, most popular free PDF readers doesn’t allow editing like we do in Word, Excel etc.

Conversion from PDF to Word doc files is wanted because in Word format is very easy to edit documents. Is a common practice to convert PDF to DOC files with these programs, then – after you make desired editing, create PDF again from DOC file with a free PDF creator or virtual printer.

I tested a PDF file with different fonts and colors, with picture inserted and also a table, to view the quality of DOC files that these programs can make. Here there are best free PDF to Word converters available as installation files and the first one in top, UniPDF, is really outstanding.

Here is a list with 2 best free pdf to word converters.



It supports conversion from PDF to .doc or .rtf (Word text files), but also to an image format (JPG, PNG ..), to a simple text file editable with Notepad, or to HTML. From my tests, the it provides the best results, obviously a higher quality than other free and paid programs.

Generated document file is fully editable.

SmartSoft Free PDF to Word Converter


This program has a really simple interface with possibility to preview selected file or to zoom in. I can recommend it for text based PDFs, for colors, pictures and other formatting elements (tables, lists) it needs further manual editing.