SmartSoft Free PDF to Word Converter Review

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There aren’t too many reliable free PDF to Word converters available as standalone programs for Windows. but this program can be taken in consideration if you have files that have more text than images or other elements like tables, lists etc.

For simple text, the program is working acceptable, although you need to make some edits in resulted DOC file.

1. Easy to use

A straightforward interface where is clear what you need to do. Select the PDF file and then choose a folder where DOC file will be saved.

2. Preview document

Includes an area where you can view the content of selected PDF file. Allows to zoom in or out.

3. Fast conversion

It displays a real time progress bar and will prompt you when conversion is finished, to open file or folder.

4. How it looks original PDF file before conversion to DOC

I tested a PDF file with text with different fonts and colors, also have an image and a table.

5. Resulted DOC file

As you can see, text is preserved, but the table is over the image. The image is bigger than in PDF file where was resized with drag and drop.

6. Text is editable

As you can see, i can edit text in DOC file and modify it as I want.