2 Best Free Excel Password Recovery

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Did you lost or forgot password of your Microsoft Excel file? Often it can happen that we set a password to protect the content of a file and we are forgetting it. A good solution to recover a password is to use a specialized software.

Remember that these types of tools can be used to get back passwords of your own files, cannot be used for illegal purposes. Here i present you a list with best free tools made for Excel password recovery.

Here is a list with 2 best free excel password recovery.

Free Word Excel Password Recovery Wizard


It has a modern and intuitive workspace, you can use it like a wizard and navigate from step to step. Supports brute force and dictionary file (you need to have a dictionary file) methods, you can customize types of characters to be used for brute force and range of password length in order to get back the password quickly.

CrackIt Password Recovery


A small program that is portable and does not offer too many settings. Is easy to use and able to perform only keyword searches in all combinations in order to recover your password. You can choose different ranges for types of characters.