Free Word Excel Password Recovery Wizard Review

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Program is able to recover lost or forgotten passwords for Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word files. Is free and you can use a dictionary based or a brute force searching and matching that will be performed pretty fast. Allows to customize password length and to choose different types of characters, in order to speed up the entire process. This tool can be used to recover password for your own files.

The program is presented on, if you want to read more.

1. Good usability

This software has a pretty clean interface where is very obvious what you need to do.

2. Different recovery methods

You can choose a brute force attack that will try all possible combinations or a dictionary attack where you need to select a list with words from your computer, if you have one or you can generate it with a software. I am using brute force option and let the program to make the job.

3. Choose desired character set

If you need what kind of characters are used in password it is very helpful, because will run faster. Otherwise you need to try different character sets, but remember that if characters combinations are longer, it will take more time to recover password. Also, you can you the number of characters for password length, exactly or in a range.

4. Password has been recovered

I have tested files with a 4 digit simple password and is working really fast. At the end, Free Word Excel Password Recovery Wizard will display the correct password. If you click on it, you are able to copy and paste it in another file.