Blender Review

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Blender is a program that makes 3D drawings and shapes that are used in animations, movies, video games in a professional way. Make structures, realistic models, preview how image or animation will look. Is a tool for professional drawings.

1. Interface

From the first window that is opening you will see that Blender is not designed for beginners. It makes complex drawings and this complexity requires a strong knowledge and some amount of time to get used with this application. But for professionals this program is great. Has a clean interface with tools grouped in panels that are in all sides of the screen. In the center is the workspace and all features and operations are separated in a logical manner.

2. Import

This tool opens files previously created with other programs and supports scalable vectors (SVG), files created with 3D Studio (program created by Autodesk, known also as 3ds Max) and others.

3. Tools for drawings

Includes plenty of useful tools to draw different shapes easily: curves, circles, grids, spheres and many more.

4. Render

Render image or animation to preview result in order to make more adjustments before saving final file.

5. Manual

From the top file menu, if you access “Help manual”, you will be guided to a web page where is a complete manual nicely structured where you can read about each function.