Sketchup Review

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Sketchup, previously known as Google Sketchup, is not owned by Google anymore. This program is owned and developed since 2012 by Trimble Navigation and they offer version “Sketchup Make” as freeware and another version “Sketchup Pro” as paid program. Here is reviewed the freeware version to discover its features.

This tool is able to make 3D drawings and can be used for projects related to architecture, construction, woodworking, 3D printing and more. Is pretty easy to use and has an intuitive interface.

1. Interface

It offers many templates to start, such as architectural, engineering, product design, woodworking, plan view and more.

2. Draw shapes

Once you select a template, in new window with chosen workspace you can easily use different tools to draw shapes. An “Instructor” will show you in real time a tutorial about how to use selected tool.

3. Selection Tools

From file menu can easily choose between draw tools: line, arc, freehand, rectangle, circle, polygon. other tools available are eraser, rotate, scale, push, 3D text and more.

4. Program preferences

Even i have expected to be full of options, from Preferences menu you can modify only basic things for compatibility, extensions, OpenGL, templates and a few more.