BullZip PDF Printer Review

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BullZip PDF Printer it has a free version with no limitations regarding features, that enable users to create PDF documents from any printable document on Windows. No matter if source file is Microsoft Word, Excel, a picture or another file, as long as it may be printed, this program will convert it to a PDF file.

Just print a file, choose BullZip PDF Printer, customize settings and click print. Instead printing on paper, the program will write and save a PDF file on your computer. Is a fake, virtual or pseudo printer because doesn’t print physically anything on paper, but is used to make the file conversion.

In my test i have used a Word document with image, text with different colors and a table. I have converted this .docx file to a .pdf one, using BullZip PDF Printer.

1. Black and white and Color modes

You can print a document to black and white or keep the original colors, as you need.

2. Advanced options

There are plenty of options under the Advanced menu. You can choose paper size, number of copies, includes a wide range of layout formats (A3, A4, letter ..)

3. Print order

You can change the print order and put pages in reverse order, also you can set final document to be portrait or landscape.

4. Source document

I have used this Word document as source, with all types of data: text, images, tables, colors.

5. PDF generated

This program has converted the source file exactly, with no difference in final PDF.

6. Set default destination folder

You can choose where to save PDF file and to open it automatically after creation.

7. You can add watermark

Program allows to add a watermark to protect your document with a custom text. You can change size of text, color, position.

8. Append another PDF to the file

You can append another PDF file before or at the end of the PDF file that will be generated.

9. Password protection

Protect your document with a password.