4 Best Free PDF Printer/Creator

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Sometime we may need to send a document in PDF file format, which is widely used these days. But if you have a file in a different format and you want to create a PDF file from it, how can you do that? The answer is simple: use a PDF creator or converter.

Basically, all these types of programs (PDF printers or writers) are acting like a computer printer, but instead printing selected file on a paper, they are saving them as PDF. This fake or virtual printer is an instrument needed to make the conversion to PDF.

I have tested a Word file with text, picture and tables as source, to be converted to PDF. I was focused in determining time spent to make a conversion, the quality of conversion (if PDF file looks exactly like source file), easy of use and additional free features. Here is a list with best free PDF writers/printers/creators/converters or however you like to call it. All these software tools will convert any printable file to PDF.

Here is a list with 4 best free pdf printer/creator.

BullZip PDF Printer


This program is making conversion to PDF very fast and final file has a small size. Features additional functions to add text watermark, password protection and even append another PDF to generated file. This program is free for home use and for commercial use up to 10 computers.



This software has basic features, but will make a great job creating PDF file. Does not require additional libraries or components to be installed, you can choose between different page size profiles and select the quality of final PDF which impact the file size, too. Is great if you want only basic conversion and just file size and PDF quality are important for you.



Is a popular and completely free program, but still have an old interface and lack of usability (you may need a little time to find advanced options for password protection etc), but once you are get used with it, can be a reliable solution.

Primo PDF


The first use was pretty confusing, i didn’t know how to create PDF because the Settings window and PDF generation window are too similar. Once i have discovered how to make the difference, i have found that the program is writing PDF pretty slow, but offers password protection and metadata editing (author, title ..) for final PDF.