CrackIt Password Recovery Review

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A small utility that is able to run a brute force attack and discover the password for your Excel or Word file. Interface is really simple, users can choose between different types of character sets. At the end, CrackIt! will reveal the password that has been used to encrypt that file.

Is intended to help you to recover forgotten or lost passwords for your personal files, it cannot be used for illegal purposes.

1. No installation required

Just run the .exe file and the main interface will open. It is very simple interface, where you need to browse local hard drive and select desired file.


2. Support different alphabets

You can choose between different alphabets or series of types of characters. Is good to start with shorter ones, unless you know exactly what types of characters are included in password that you want to recover. If you choose a shorter alphabet, the operation will be faster, but will try a smaller number of possible passwords.


3. Is working with Excel and Word files

You can get back passwords for Microsoft Word or Excel files.


4. Password found

I have set a short and simple password in order to make it to find it quickly. This program has discovered and displayed the correct password in a few seconds.


  • Download:
  • Pros: really simple to use
  • Cons: only brute force, no dictionary based can work only with XLS and DOC files, files created with newer versions of Microsoft Office (since 2007, 2010) are not supported yet
  • OS: Windows 8, Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows XP, Vista
  • License: Freeware