DVD Shrink Review

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DVD Shrink is a program developed since 2004 and is used to make copies of DVDs or as DVD ripping program. The interface is simple, basically you need just to insert a DVD, click Open Disc and select the destination where files will be saved.

This program saves DVD content to .VOB files which you can convert them to any video format using a video converter, such as HandBrake.

I have tested DVD Shrink with a disc that contains a demo video and this disc auto start/play when is inserted into DVD player. This program has generated .VOB files on my local hard drive, i have used HandBrake to convert these files into one MP4 video file.

Please note that these ripping programs are designed to be used for your personal discs with their content owned by you, in order to not have legal issues with copyright aspects.

1. Simple interface

You do not have a lot of menus and options, using DVD Shrink is a breeze.

2. Is detecting DVD-ROM automatically

Either you have one or multiple DVD inserted or running on the same computer, this program will detect all of them and you can choose desired one that will be ripped from a list.

3. Preview content of disc

Includes a video player and if you click on the small Play button, you are able to see content of DVD playing.

4. Basic customization, but useful options

After you click Backup, you can change different options that are organized in different tabs. You must choose a destination folder where DVD content will be saved, you can save just some regions from DVD, shut down computer automatically when is finishing ripping and more.

5. Live preview of ripping

View a real time situation about the progress of copying.

6. Generated files

Files saved to local hard drive using this program it looks like this. These .VOB files are containing the video, you can use a video converter to create a video with another extension from them or you can burn them to a new DVD.