Edraw MindMap Review

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Edraw MindMap is designed to create visual diagrams of your notes or thoughts. This is called mind mapping. Arrange your ideas in a visually manner in the easiest possible way. The interface is similar with Office and this tool offers an incredible amount of customizations and options. Supports drag&drop and makes mind mapping creation a breeze.

1. Interface

This programs features an interface like Microsoft Office, modern and with different horizontal tabs for different categories of actions and a left menu for adding particular items with drag and drop. Includes multiple skins.

2. The power of drag&drop

With drag and drop users can add quickly new items on the map, arrange topics and subtopics moving tree items in any location.

3. Undo and redo

If you draw or insert a wrong field, easily make Undo (CTRL+Z) or Redo (CTRL+Y).

4. Right click features

Right clicking an the map or on an item from the map allows to perform a various number of operations such as insert new topics, change arrangement direction, change style of diagram, copy&paste and more.

5. Grid lines and ruler

Using a ruler and grid lines allows to organize perfectly all items in workspace regarding alignment and position relative to entire map or to another items from current workspace.

6. Menu tabs

Navigate through horizontal top menu to discover an incredible big amount of actions that you can perform: insert tables, pictures, watermark, check spelling, colors and effects, shapes etc.

7. Import from Visio

Allows to import documents created with Microsoft Visio.