FreeMind Review

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FreeMind is one of the most popular open source applications for map minding. It is compact and the menu is well organized, without useless submenus. Supports drag&drop to move items and arrange them where you want, the major tasks can be performed through the right click menu. Features include customizable colors and users can assign images for each item from a large collection of icons.

1. Interface

Clean design with graphical representations for different types of items and attributes. Right click on workspace is powerful and allows to add, edit or remove items in the tree.

2. Add new items in map

Right click on an item from your map and add new child note. You can add unlimited number of items.

3. Enhance with proper icons

Each element can be edited and icon images can be added to make easier to identify them later on the map. You can assign priority numbers and tens of other themed images.

4. Drag and drop items on map

With drag&drop you can move items and rearrange them on the map.

5. Create encrypted nodes or maps

Allows to protect with password individual items from a map or entire document.