Freeplane Review

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Freeplane is another open source application that works on multiple operating systems and features a simple interface that allows to create diagrams. The application is pretty basic, but can be ideal for those that want to make very simple mind mappings without high number of options and customizations.

Anyway, although it is simple, it provides the essential tools to make a good and personal diagram supporting to add many levels in the tree, assign icons, change font properties and make fast layout arrangements with drag and drop.

1. Interface

Very simple interface, the left menu allows to add icons and suggestive images to items of diagram. I have found that adding new node can be performed from the top file menu “Edit -> New node” and i didn’t found at right click, which is a minus regarding usability. Anyway, there are keyboard shortcuts for many actions, for example you can add a new item/node pressing “Insert” on keyboard.

2. Drag and drop

Drag with mouse icons from the left menu to enhance items from map with corresponding images, easier to identify later when will be a lot of data on the document. Drag and easily rearrange items within current workspace, also supports undo and redo in case of mistake.

3. Right click menu

Right click on each item to personalize and customize it: edit text, add image, protect with password, apply different styles and more.