Sumatra PDF Viewer Review

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Sumatra PDF is a free program that open various types of documents, including PDF, DjVu, ePub and a few more. It has a portable version that does not require any installation, is starting fast and has an intuitive interface, without advertisements or third party components.

1. Fast PDF opening

I was surprised by how fast this program can open a PDF file. There are no delays and you can view the document’s content immediately after double clicking on it (you can set Sumatra PDF Viewer as default program to open PDF files, at the installation).

2. Full screen and rotate

You can easily switch to full screen to view document on whole desktop and revert action using Esckey. Also, provide ability to rotate document and has keyboard shortcuts for that.

3. Useful Search feature

Includes a search bar on main interface and i find it useful. Once you type searched keyword, the program automatically highlight the first occurrence of searched word.

4. Easy zoom

You can zoom in or out using + or from your keyboard. Also, can fit the document automatically to your screen size, choose a percent from a list or enter a custom percent of zoom.

5. Few printing options

If you wish to print document, this program does not offer too many options and customizations. Anyway, you can fit pages to printer or use original size.