FeedRoller Review

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Is a different RSS reader, it seems like desktop gadget, but this concept could be a good solution to traditional feed readers for desktop. You can set it to be live all the time without disturbing you (it hides at mouse hover, you can set a transparency, change colors).

You will view live updates from your favorite RSS feeds while using other applications, so you will not forget to “check” your traditional RSS program.

It supports custom keyboard shortcuts, font size and many other useful features.

1. Lightweight

The program stays at the top of your screen and will display news through a slide, configurable from Options. At mouse hover, the program will disappear so you can use other programs from the top. To read news, you need to double click on FeedRoller’s icon from bottom right side of your screen.

2. Advanced Options

With right click on its icon, you can access Options menu or other functions.

3. Manage feeds

Change the order of channels, edit or delete them. The program provides basic options, but is good to view live updates in the same time with use of other applications on your desktop.

It can be set to hide automatically when  you run  programs in full screen.

4. Keyboard shortcuts

Set custom combinations of keyboard symbols to perform different actions directly from keyboard. The program is intended to be light, straightforward with no time consuming for end user. Once you get used with all options, you will find it useful and friendly.

5. Custom colors

It allows to customize colors of background, title, meta and icons.

6. Custom size and padding

Assign different values for padding and margins and you can make it to look different.

7. Transparency

Set a transparency to any value and you can make it to look more friendly.

8. Restore settings with one click

Press Restore Default Settings and the program will look exactly like at first use. You can overwrite default settings.

9. Use it in the same time with other apps

FeedRoller can be a daily friend, the application can run in the same time with other programs. If you are working at a document, maybe you would like to not miss latest news.