FileZilla Review

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It supports different types of connections (FTP, SFTP), login as anonymous user or with username and password. The users can choose a default folder both on local computer and/or on remote server that will be open automatically when you connect to each FTP account.

FileZilla includes a file comparison feature that allows to compare files between local and remote server in order to synchronize and update files in desired location (view differences by file size or last modification date).

The interface has multiple themes and is available in multiple languages. It allows to set custom default behavior for file exists situation: prompt for action, overwrite, skip.

1. Automatic behavior for file exist

You can set automatic action when a file already exist. This will allow FileZilla to skip, overwrite or ask for action when an identical file exists on destination folder.

2. Different themes for interface

From options you can change the theme to a different look. Some available themes are Classic, Lone, Tango and a few more.

3. Directory comparison

Compare files to see differences, if any file is changed on local PC or on remote server, you can easily update and re-upload changed files. Allows to compare file size or last modification date; you can hide identical files to work with a clean list that contains only files that has been modified.