4 Best Free Mind Mapping Software

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Mind mapping means that your ideas or thoughts are put in a graphical or diagram format, easier to remember, understand, remind and to modify. Unlike the simply notes that are words on papers, “mapping the mind” brings a visual representation, which is more powerful.

Mind mapping software arrange your ideas or notes in a tree mode, starting from the main level until unlimited sublevels or subcategories. Each level in hierarchy can have multiple sublevels and so on.

Useful for brainstorming or visual representations of your ideas or notes, these programs increase the productivity, especially if your plan contains or is stuffed with many components.

Here is a list with 4 best free mind mapping software.

Edraw MindMap


This application is a top one in this category, includes a lot of operations that can be applied, it has a “Microsoft Office” look that you probably are already used with it. Practically, Edraw MindMap allows to create any type of diagram and customize items on it, move elements simply dragging with mouse, insert elements and shapes, use grid and rules for perfect alignment on workspace and more.



Much simple and easy to use, these software has an excellent usability and allows to create maps from templates, drag items with mouse and move in any location, add notes and images for each element.



One of the first applications created for this purpose, FreeMind creates mind map graphs as you need, supports undo and redo, apply all operations easy from right click, drag and drop icons from menu directly on items from the document.



This program has a basic interface and includes basic options and customizations without extended capabilities, but can be used with success by beginners or to create simple mind maps.