XMind Review

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XMind features a simply way to create diagrams and put your ideas in a graphical manner. The first impression is that is too simple and does not have too many options, but once i have start working with it you will discover many useful additional features and customizations.

It has an incredible useful drag and drop that works perfectly, you can use keyboard one-key shortcuts to apply most used operations (add items, subitems), add icons and customize text, shapes and colors. Includes multiple types of structures (diagram types).

The program is free and features additional options for paid upgrade, but the free version can be used successfully as standalone application for user’s needs.

1. Interface

Very clean, choose the default blank template or from different already done templates.

2. Add new items

With right click users can add new elements in chart, also supports hotkeys: Enter for new topic and Tab for new subtopic.

3. Add unlimited topics

Pressing hotkeys allows to add very fast new items, i find it useful and much easier to perform than other similar programs. In the right side you can click on any item to navigate directly to it and perform operations there.

4. Add notes and links

With right click you can add personal notes and comments or link other elements in the tree map.

5. Add markers and icons

Allows to personalize items with icons that are organized in categories.

6. Drag and drop

Powerful drag and drop capabilities to move items on map anyway you want.

7. Customize

Each item can be stylized and customized with colors, fonts, text, shapes and more.

8. Many types of diagrams

Supports different types of diagram structures such as matrix, map, organization, logic chart, fishbone and others.