Pale Moon Review

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This web browser is based on Firefox, but has many modifications. Interface remained very similar, but Pale Moon looks more faster than any other browser i tested. You will enjoy add-ons and themes, navigate in private mode, use included search box and more.

1. Fast opening

It opens very fast and loads web pages fast. From my tests, pale Moon in the fastest browser.

2. Tabbed interface

Since pale Moon is started from Firefox concept, is similar in use and options with this browser, so you should expect at similar features with Firefox. It supports multiple tabs and you can move them with drag&drop.

3. Private browsing

You can open a new browser window to surf in private mode: this means Pale Moon will not save cookies, temporary files, passwords and other data from the sites that you are visiting. Instead clearing the cache at the end, you can use New Private Window feature and you will be sure that you will not forget to delete privacy data.

4. Omnibox search

Like other modern browsers, allows you to type and search directly in address bar. Will use default search engine from included search box that can be changed anytime as you want.

5. Search box

It provides an intuitive search box where you can search using different search engines. Instead opening a new page with search engine and then typing and searching, using this feature you can search faster with fewer operations.

6. Drag&drop bookmarks

Save your favorite internet resources with a simple drag&drop in Bookmarks bar.

7. Jump to tab

If you have many tabs open, clicking on a small icon will display a list with a preview of all tabs and a search bar where you can find faster desired tab.

8. Custom homepage and download location

Options section is organized in tabs and you can tweak settings like setting a homepage or default location on hard drive where downloads will be saved.

9. Add-ons

pale Moon has maintained the compatibility with Firefox add-ons and themes. You can add more features by installing add-ons.

10. Pop-up blocker

This browser will block pop-ups automatically. When a pop-up is blocked, a button with Options will appear and you can decide to display that pop-uo, if you want or allow popups from an entire site.