Password Safe Review

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Is an open source and free program that helps users to organize, manage and keep safe all passwords. It starts from the concept that you need to use different passwords for each account, which is useful to do because if one password is stolen or discovered a hacker will have access to all accounts.

This program allows to use a master password and a virtual keyboard to type safely your secret master password. You can add categories (groups) and organize your passwords as you need (email, games, banking etc.).

Once you enter the master password, you can easily copy and paste details recorded (username, password, URL etc.) and use them in browser or wherever you want.

1. Master password

Use a single master password that will be required to access all your passwords stored within this software. This password should be remembered by you.

2. Type with virtual keyboard

To avoid that your password will be recorded by keyloggers (hidden software that records all keyboard strokes), this program includes a virtual keyboard where you can type password by clicking with mouse on keyboard’s keys, instead hitting actually the physical ones; in this way, your master password will not be recorded by potential keylogger software that may be present on your computer without your knowledge.

3. Create multiple databases

You can create multiple databases, each of them protected with a master password.

4. Easy to add new record

With right click on interface you can add new categories and new entries. Add names, usernames and passwords, also ad notes for each record.

5. Access data easily

With right click on each record you can copy details that you have entered previously, such as username, password, URL etc.

6. Export or import data

You can export all your passwords in a separate file and keep it as backup or import a list with passwords (instead entering one by one).

7. Filter database

If you have many passwords, you can apply different filters and view only those that are you looking for.

8. Password generator

Includes a password generator where you can choose different settings to generate passwords with different levels of difficulty. Also, you can create and save different password generator profiles (Password Policies), useful to use them for different types of accounts; for example, for bank accounts maybe you want to use stronger passwords.

9. Useful options

From Options you can set default behavior of Password Safe regarding different aspects: create backups, view mode, clear clipboard memory, enable keyboard shortcuts and more.

10. Read only mode

When you open a database with passwords, you can choose to open it in read only mode. In this way, you will be sure that your passwords will not be modified by other malicious programs or viruses.