PINs Review

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PINs is a small freeware program that will store all personal data and will protect access with a password. This password is not saved on computer and you will need to remember it.

Interface is old, but you can add unlimited number of categories and records. It has a password generator, you can sort of search through all records and easily copy and paste desired credential details to fill your login details.

1. Master password will not be saved and will not be hacked

All your personal and sensitive data will be saved into this software. You need to use a master password that is one password, required to access the program. If you don’t have the master password, you cannot access data.

This password isn’t saved on your computer: the good thing is that other programs or malicious programs cannot steal it and the bad thing is that you will need to remember it. But is better to remember one single password instead multiple ones. Also, is better to use different passwords for each online account rather that one single password. This is an important reason that makes sense to use a password manager.

2. Use virtual keyboard

Often you may see a virtual keyboard or a character map where you need to click with mouse on characters, instead typing directly on computer’s keyboard. I saw this option for many online e-banking services. This is useful to protect you against keylogger programs that may be hidden on your computer and record all keystrokes; in this way, using a virtual keyboard, you will be sure that your password remains private.

3. Includes password generator

For each password field it has an icon that represents a shortcut to a password generator. From here you can generate a new and strong password ready to be used immediately.

4. Old interface

The interface is quite old, although it is simple and pretty intuitive.