Lightscreen Review

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This utility is small and isn’t intrusive. Through a small interface you can select any part of your desktop and take a snapshot that will be saved in JPG, PNG or BMP format on local hard drive.

Includes customizable hotkeys to take snapshots without mouse, also has advanced options to set custom file name automatically, show preview for taken images and more.

Unfortunately, doesn’t contains editing features, but you can use a separate image editor to add arrows, lines, highlights etc..

1. Robust interface

It has a small, but useful interface that not occupy all space from screen.

2. Custom rule for file name

Screenshots will be saved with an automatic name. You can add date, number or timestamp.

3. Save as PNG, JPG, or BMP

Choose desired type for snapshots that will be saved.

4. Customizable hotkeys

Choose different combinations of keyboard keys to start capture without mouse.

5. Advanced options

Includes more options that are available to set. View preview for snapshots, save a history and more.

6. Capture custom area

Is easy to select a custom area by dragging mouse. View in real time the size of screenshot that will result.

7. Preview snapshots

If you activate this option from settings, you can preview in bottom right side of your screen the result of capture. With a single click you can open that image in default image viewer.

8. Capture desired window

You can capture any open window very easy.

9. Take snapshots from games

Is also able to take printscreen from game that you are playing. If you take multiple screenshots, you can navigate through those images using arrows from preview area.

  • Download:
  • Visit website:
  • Pros: robust interface easy to use custom area, selected window or full screen
  • Cons: no editing features
  • OS: Windows 8, Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows XP, Vista
  • License: Freeware