Minitool Partition Wizard Home Edition Review

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This application makes important tasks for free, such as convert NTFS to FAT, extend a partition and add new hard drive space, create a new partition (to keep backups or only images, for example), format a partition to delete all data and to be as new, copy disk or partitions (instead copying all files, make the task with a single click) or recover deleted partitions.

All operations are intuitive to use and application features different steps that will help to choose correct settings before applying an operation. This is important because this kind of software makes important tasks such as deleting or formatting drives and you don’t want to loose data. The application is free only for non-commercial use.

1. Interface

Clearly organized with all options in left window and most important ones are present on top horizontal menu. The “Wizards” section will help users step by step to complete desired tasks.


2. Split partition

If you need to create more partitions, you could simply choose “Split partition” option. Enter desired amount of space and a new partition will be created.


3. Format partition

This option will erase all data from select partition. Once it is formatted, you can write new data on that partition or use it for another purposes. Be careful because if you format a partition, you will delete all data. Supports FAT32, NTFS and other formats.


4. Copy disk

It allows to copy an entire disk to another one, to make clones easily.


5. Extend partition

If you don’t have space for files in a partition, you can extend it and make it bigger. Just enter the amount of new added space and from where this space will be taken.


6. Recover accidentally deleted partition

If you have deleted a partition by mistake, you can try a recovery.