Mozilla Firefox Review

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Firefox was released first time in 2002 and it was a new and outstanding browser at that time, with improved usability, tabs and add-ons. Today it maintains a good marketshare being used by many people which doesn’t want a simple browser, but a more customizable one.

Personally, i am a big fan of Firefox and i use this browser from a long time. I like that is very easy to use and intuitive, there are many add-ons that once installed add different functions and helps me to perform additional tasks such as autocomplete for web forms, explore page source, save web pages etc.

1. Multiple tabs

Open different pages in multiple tabs on the same window. Easily arrange tabs with drag&drop, close them or add to Bookmarks.

2. Drag&drop Bookmarks

Add interesting or favorite web pages to Bookmarks bar with drag and drop.

3. Private browsing

You can open a new window in private Browsing mode and Firefox will not save browsing history, cookies and temporary files. A private window supports also multiple tabs. Useful if you don’t want to let tracks of your internet activity on computer.

4. Easy zoom

Do you need to enlarge text to read it easier? No problem, this browser allows to zoom in/out through top menu or keep pressed CTRL and scroll with mouse. Tip: press CTRL+0 (zero) to reset zoom to default/initial value.

5. Custom homepage and download location

Customize default start page and homepage (homepage is that when you press Home icon), so there are 2 different things because start page (when you open Firefox) can be different or the same as homepage.

6. Search box with custom search engine

Contains a search form where you can enter keywords and search through a search engine. Is easy to set or select another search engine (Yahoo, Bing, Google etc.).

7. Block pop-ups

Is detecting automatically pop-ups and will block them automatically, unless you want to open them.

8. Allow popups from desired sites

When a pop-up appears, clicking on Options button that appears allows you to allow popups and allow certain sites to display popups. Most pop-ups are intrusive or are advertisements, but there are some ones that are ok, for example your e-banking page where a virtual keyboard may appear as pop-up.

9. Supports add-ons

You can personalize your browser and add more functions installing different plugins and add-ons. Includes a search form and you can search, browse and install add-ons directly from Firefox’s interface. Add-ons can be enabled all time or only when you need them.

Is recommended to keep add-ons disabled if you don’t use them daily and enable each add-on when you need it, because may slow down your browser.