PeaZip Review

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PeaZip can manage all file compression and archiving activity with a breeze, offering in the same time advanced features. It is open source and free, easy to use by anyone, highly customizable and this makes it the leading file compression and extractor. Can open ZIP, RAR and other formats often used to compress files and can create ZIP, 7Z and dozens of other types.

1. Friendly interface

This software has a friendly and pleasant interface. Is available also as right click menu, but if you double click on its icon you can work directly from interface – i like to use interface when i am making archives.

2. Right click menu

Right click on an archive to extract files to desired location. If you select multiple files, you can add them into a new archive, also through right click menu.

3. Different compression levels

Choose ultra to make an archive with small file size or choose a faster option to make it immediately. The difference is that when you are trying to achieve a small file size (choosing ultra), it will take a little longer until archive is created.

4. Split archive into multiple ones

Choose between available values already defined to match the size of different environments such as email attachment, CD/DVD or use a custom value. Allows to select a measurement unit.

5. Set password (key file available)

Setting a password to restrict access to your archive is easy. PeaZip also allows to set a key file as an advanced measure of protection. Regular passwords can be recovered through password recovery software which are using dictionary attacks, but using a key file will make almost impossible to get access to archive’s content by people who doesn’t have that key file.

6. Custom speed for archiving

You can tell it how many processors will be used when creating a new archive. It is useful when you work with large files and may slow down computer when creating archives.

7. Schedule archiving

This feature may be useful for some automation, for example if you change some files periodically and you need to compress and put them in an archive before move it to another location or device.

8. Create popular archives ZIP, 7Z

With PeaZip you can compress files and folders and create popular archive formats which are more likely to be supported by people or friends who will receive them: ZIP, 7Z, GZip and others.

9. Additional features

The developer has added many additional functionalities which may be useful, such as rename, find duplicate files (see my review about best free duplicate finders, if you are interested), complete delete files.