Recuva Review

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This program will scan all available drives and all devices recognized by a Windows computer such as SD cards, USB stick, digital camera etc. and will display a list with all deleted files and their state. Based on their state, you can choose files and recover them in a separate folder.

Recuva allows to search and filter results by file type (pictures, emails etc), you can sort results by column names or select specific locations where to search, in order to perform a faster scan.

1. Easy to use

This program includes a wizard and users are guided through different steps, each step is explained and detailed. If you select fewer option or restrict searching criteria and you are more specific, Recuva will search faster.

2. Selective search

If you know exactly what type of files you are looking, the program allows to choose a type of file and this will result in a shorter time to provide results.

3. Search on SD cards, USB devices

Is able to search the entire hard disk to find deleted files, but also is able to search attached devices such as USB stick, external hard disk, iPod etc.

4. Deep scan

First time i recommend to scan in normal mode because it works faster, then, if you don’t find files, check with Deep scan enabled. This will make the search slower, but will perform an in depth analysis.

5. Sort results

Recuva will display all files found in a workspace where you can sort or arrange them by name, size, path etc. One important criteria is the State, values like Excellent, Not Recoverable, Poor, Very Poor telling you if that file can be recovered. Files in Excellent condition are marked with a green label, other ones have different colors.

6. Filter results

Provides options to filter results based on file type, useful when you scan for all types of files.

You need to check files that you want to recover and Recuva will make the recovery moving them in a new folder, per your choice.