Sweet Home 3D Review

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This program is oriented to home and interior design, is made to be easy to use by anyone and is surprising with level of precision about how rooms walls, doors and objects can be placed on the plan. Can generate video or photo from 3D plan to be shared with others. Using drag&drop you can add room elements, drag shapes and modify textures.

1. Interface

Clearly organized, this program allows you to work easily without wasting time. From the left panel you can drag and drop different objects for specific rooms and from top menu make walls, rooms etc.

2. Design the house

This tool is perfect for design enthusiasts and amateur people that simply want to simulate an interior design because is very simple to use. is not intended only for beginners, also professionals can make starting layouts with a great quality and precision. It supports drag&drop to add different objects and populate rooms, also includes tooltips for each tool that is selected from top menu that will teach you how to use it.

3. Modify each detail

Allows to customize each object and use exact distances and positions.

4. 3D view

View in real time how each room looks, allows to create videos or pictures to share your project with others.

5. Powerful zoom in

Use zoom in button to explore each detail of your plan. The grid layout will help to make exact placements for all objects.