TinyWall Review

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TinyWall is a small application that enable users to manage and use better and easier the default Windows firewall (since Windows XP, Windows operating system includes a firewall).

The application is free, is not intrusive and has a friendly interface. Accessing Windows default firewall is not so convenient since you must search within Control Panel, but with this program, with right click on its icon from bottom right side of your screen, you can make quick changes and tweaks.

1. Discreet menu

With right click you can access very fast your firewall’s configuration. Also displays total of inbound and outbound internet traffic.

2. Change mode quickly

From Change mode menu you can set it with one click to normal, disable firewall, block or allow all.

3. Many useful options

Accessing Options menu, you have a list with tabs where you can set a password to prevent unauthorized changes to firewall’s configuration that can be made by mistake by a person or a malicious software (virus), prevent modifications of Windows hosts file that can block certain websites and often used by viruses to prevent you accessing different websites.

4. Add custom rules

Add permanently your most used programs to grant network access to them, without being disturbed. You can enable it for each rule permanently, until computer restart or for a certain amount of time.

5. Save settings

With one click you can save or backup TinyWall’s settings.

6. View all connections

View detailed list with all connections blocked by this program. With right click you can unblock or terminate process.

7. Test results

I have tested with an online service and results are good.