UltraDefrag Review

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Unlike Windows default defrag tool, UltraDefrag can defragment only selected folders, can filter files by different criteria such as size, name and defragment them, or process multiple hard drives in the same time.

1. Installation

The program have a small size and is installing fast, but the installation files are different for different types of operating systems (32, 64 bit). Using a single installation file that autodetect user’s system specifications is needed.

2. Analyze the hard drive

UltraDefrag automatically detects hard drive partitions and users can select which partition to analyze or to defragment. Making an analyze will work faster, so is recommended to run before the real defragmentation because this will take longer.


3. Defragmentation

The program will display permanently a graph with all activity, there are different colors that represents folders, files, fragmented and compressed (glossary with color representations available on interface). The operation can be paused or stopped any time.


4. When finish, options to shut down computer

Defragmentation can take long time, this software allows you to perform different computer actions when ends: shut down, reboot, hibernate and more, in this way can be set to defragment in the night when you sleep or you don’t use computer for daily activities.


5. Other features

Includes “Quick” and “Full optimization”, view HTML reports in browser, interface in many languages.