Zimbra Desktop Review

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Zimbra Desktop is an email client that manage different email accounts from different services. Also has a calendar and task manager. The program does not run very fast, but it has plenty of features and options, easy to customize and adapt to your needs.

Interface looks a little old, but i like that i can set automatic backups for my email accounts useful in case my Windows is infected by a virus and i like that it has many useful options.

1. Is not very fast

Installation takes a while, also adding new accounts is not simplified or automated.

2. Multiple email providers are supported

You can add your email address from Gmail, Yahoo, Windows Live Mail or other service that supports IMAP or POP3.

3. Nice interface

I like that the interface looks simple to use and it is.

4. Customize emails

Switch to HTML formatting from options and you can change font type, size, add headings, align, create lists, insert links or tables. I like that icons are very intuitive and easy to select quickly than other similar programs.

5. Create tags for messages

Right clicking on each message allows to create and assign new tags that may be useful to search or sort later, when you will have a lot of messages.

6. Useful filtering

For each message, you can apply or add a filter. When you will receive a new message that matches the filter or rule, is automatically deleted, mark, tag, moved to a folder etc., depends what do you want to do each filter.

7. Calendar and organizer

Add events and notes in a calendar. This may helps you to organize and manage appointments or different info.

8. Interface in many languages

More than 20 languages are available for the program’s interface.

9. Add contacts with many details

You can add unlimited number of contacts, each contact may have a lot of additional data and fields (phone, city, birthday etc.).

10. Backup email manually or automatically

From Options you can activate and define settings for backups. You can backup your emails, supports to run automatically on a schedule. Is useful to make backups on a different disk that C: or to external drive in order to recover emails if computer is crashing.