Zip Password Pro Review

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Zip Password  Pro is a completely free software (even if is called Pro) that will help you to find your lost password for a ZIP archive. Often, it may happens to open again a ZIP file and you remember that you put a password on it, but you do not know exactly what is that password. The only solution is to get back the password using a specialized software.

This program it displays the total number of possible password combinations and total time estimated until will find it. If you know some details about the password (if it has number, only letters, the length or approximative length, some characters from it etc.) it will be very helpful because will generate a fewer number of combinations and will find it faster.

This software is designed to help you to recover your forgotten password for your own ZIP files, cannot be used for files that you don’t own.

1. Highly customizable

This program offers many options that will help you to recover the password faster. If you know some details about the password, for example the length, if its containing only specific characters such as numbers (a phone number), lowercase letters etc, it may be a great help because will find it faster. More precise you are, faster you will recover the password.

2. Precise calculations

In this example, for a password only with numbers and with a length of 4 characters, the program shows the total number of possible combinations (10.000). This means will find the password pretty fast, in a matter of minutes.

3. Another example of total possible combinations

If you select more options (if your password has many types of characters, such as letters, lowercase and uppercase letters) you have more possible passwords that will be checked. In total there are 14.776.336 combinations for selected options, but could be more or less, it depends how long is the password and how strong is.

4. Generate all passwords

After you select options (is recommended to take some time and make precise settings) click on Generate passwords and Zip Password Pro will display a report after is finishing to generate it.

5. Estimated time to check for password

Once you are generating the list with all possible passwords for ZIP file that you want to get back, you will see an estimated time – how long will take to run all combinations. Is possible to find password faster than estimated time (if password is in the middle of the list, for example), but will not take longer then estimated time.

This is useful when it takes longer, because you may let the computer to work all night or a weekend.

Also, is possible to copy a list with possible passwords from clipboard/file.

6. Password is recovered

For a simple 3 digit password the result is almost instant. For longer passwords, it may be possible to take longer, but the software is making its job great.

7. Help for partially known password

If you know a part of your password is great. You can enter the characters and this will help the program to generate fewer combinations and, hence, will find the password faster.