ZoneAlarm Firewall Review

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ZoneAlarm Firewall is a free program that offers firewall protection for home users. The firewall module is completely free, this program offers also some paid upgrades for antivirus and some PC utilities.

You can use the included firewall with full options, for free. Is a standalone program with an easy to use interface. Program is free and it has a large popularity.

1. Standalone program with friendly interface

The interface is common and nicely designed, is intuitive and contains only important menus, so you will access fast desired functions.

2. Easy turn on/off

With a single click you can turn on or turn off the firewall.

3. Quick menu with Game mode

With right click on application’s icon from bottom right side of your screen, you can easily stop firewall, switch to game mode to not be disturbed or stop internet activity.

4. Different security levels

With a simple drag and drop you can choose a different security level or turn off the Public zone or the Trusted zone. Common programs that you are using often and you trust them, you can allow them in Trusted zone and ZoneAlarm will remember desired behavior.

5. Advanced settings

Includes an Advanced options area where you can lock hosts file to prevent modifications, disable or enable Windows default firewall (is recommended to run only a single firewall program), block servers and more.

With one click you can revert all settings to default ones.

6. Customize alerts and logs

You can log all activity and view detailed reports about what is blocked, also you can receive real time alerts.

7. Save settings and password protect

Is easy to protect access to ZoneAlarm with a custom password and be sure that no other person of virus program will change the settings of the firewall program.

8. Add custom rules

You can add custom IPs, web addresses, IP range, subnet to be blocked, trusted or public. ZoneAlarm will have this behavior that you set for each IP or web address.

9. Test results

I have used an online service to text common ports and results are good.